Research Colloquium

BeLing day - Research Colloquium Berner Linguistik

Spring semester 2021

The BeLing research colloquium is a full-day online event for PhDs and Postdocs to present their current research, accompanied by a keynote talk and two workshops about funding opportunities and grant proposal writing.

Location and time

The colloquium will be held online via Zoom, on the 17th February 2021. Please find the link in the programme attached below.

11.15 - 12.00, Plenary Talk Diego Ardoino

A matter of perspective: a new interpretation of a presumed Old Prussian proverb

In 1969, the discovery of a new linguistic monument in Old Prussian was announced. It was a proverb inserted in an alchemical dictionary printed in Berlin in 1583, which, according to almost all scholars, contains some morphological archaisms of great importance for the prehistory of Old Prussian. The examination of the text from a perspective that takes into consideration the socio-historical context, in which the proverb was produced, allows us to interpret it in a different way.