Master's degree program

The MA in Sociolinguistics focuses on the intersection between language and society. We are interested in how language reflects social structures and, inversely, how language influences society.

The CSLS offers three programs for the MA in Sociolinguistics:

  • MA Mono (120 ECTS)

  • MA Major (90 ECTS)

  • MA Minor (30 ECTS)

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the Center, students on the MA program can choose courses from those offered by the CSLS as well as certain courses offered by our affiliated Institutes, including Social Anthropology and all Language and Linguistics Institutes at the University of Bern.

If you are interested in the MA in Sociolinguistics, you will find information about the application process here. Students are eligible for the MA program if they have completed a BA degree in a language or linguistics, in sociology, in psychology, in social anthropology or in media and communication studies.

Further information about the program can be found in our Student Handbook and in the Program Regulations.