PhD Program

The PhD study program, Studies in Language and Society (SLS), which has been offered since spring 2012, is a research based, thematically focused and interdisciplinary training program, which seeks to promote junior researchers in this field. It offers coordinated and structured supervision, which contributes to the acquisition of expertise within sociolinguistics and interdisciplinary competences, as well as to the establishment of an academic network.

During their participation in the PhD program, doctoral students take part in a training program which they can, within the confines given by time and content, customize individually.

In a supportive environment PhD students can, depending on their prior knowledge, customize their doctoral research topic and interests. All three fields aim at excellent academic training, which revolves around the completion of a high quality dissertation and which qualifies the student for research-oriented work within or outside the university.

The doctoral program SLS is part of the Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities (GSAH) at the Walter Benjamin Kolleg. It extends over 6 terms and comprises 20 credit points, split into a compulsory and a compulsory-elective part.

The first study plan of 2011 prescribes a PhD program of 30 credit points, which have to be acquired within the three fields Presentation of One’s Own Research and Scientific Exchange, Specialization, and Interdisciplinary Competences.

PhD students newly registering need to study exclusively within the study program released in 2015. Requirement: Your command of German and English is sufficient to participate in the program.

The most important information about our PhD program, the admissions process and the application requirements can be found below.

For further information about the PhD program please contact the assistant of the PhD program, Christa Schneider, or the director of the CSLS, Prof Dr. Yvette Bürki.